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One-day seminar with Glyn Dewis

Photograph Like A Thief

Saturday, 13 May 2017
Herne Farm Leisure Centre, Petersfield

In the introduction to his new book Photograph Like A Thief, Glyn says:

“No photographer works in a vacuum. Photographers, like all artists, stand on the shoulders of those who came before them, and they are informed and influenced by those working around them contemporaneously. If you are striving to find your own style, one of the most powerful exercises you can practice is to find influence and inspiration in the work of those around you, and then emulate that work in an effort to define, shape, and grow your own photographic voice. By collecting, imitating, and eventually reshaping and combining the work of those around you, your unique voice can be found and the quality of your work can soar.”

Glyn will demonstrate how to deconstruct and reconstruct a host of photography styles to help you improve your composition, learn more about lighting and master important post-production techniques.

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Glyn Dewis Seminar 2017


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