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Petersfield Photographic Society



  1. The winner of the cup in the standard print or PDI class will automatically go up into the appropriate Advanced class in the next season.
  2. The Committee will then decide if it is necessary to invite runners up to go into the Advanced class. The person obtaining the lowest average score per PDI/print in the Advanced PDI/print will compete in the Standard class in the following season.
  3. The Executive Committee reserves the right to make adjustments to this system where and when they deem it necessary, but with sufficient notice to the membership.
  4. PDIs and prints which have been entered in Club competitions may also be used in other specialised competitions and vice versa.
  5. The same image may not be used as a print and a PDI in the same season in the open competitions.
  6. All PDIs and prints which gain seals throughout the season will be required for selection of the eight prints and eight PDIs for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation competition in the year following. 

All PDIs and prints for competitions should be submitted to the competition secretary at the meeting prior to the competition and not later than the prior Saturday.

Prints must be the work of the author but may be produced from home or trade-processed negatives, slides or digital images. Each print should be mounted with the title and author’s name on the back only. Minimum print size is 7x5inches whilst the mount size must not exceed 50x40cm. For set subjects, the maximum print size is A4.

Images produced digitally (manipulated, composited) are admissible. In accordance with PAGB rules, all source images used in these works must be the original photography of the owner.

Digital images must be submitted as follows:

Size: maximum width 1400px and maximum height 1050px
File type: JPEG–highest quality
File naming convention: authorname_image title.jpg
Colour space: sRGB

PDI Images may be submitted on CD/DVD or by email to the PDI competition secretary.